employee mobile time tracking

It's simple to accurately know what's going on with your employee's time, no matter where they are.

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Take control of your employees’ time.

Know the who, where, and when in real-time without disrupting your people with cumbersome processes and hardware. We believe in security without disruption. No complex setup. No expensive hardware. Fotopunch's array of time collection devices are cloud-connected giving you peace of mind and the security you crave, all without the IT headache and high price.

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mobile employee time tracking
fotopunch mobile workforce testimonial “With hundreds of reps working in Costco nationwide, remotely managing their time & attendance was nearly impossible until we found FotoPunch. It saved us enormous amounts of money on time theft and manual administration.”

—Aaron Stern, Senior HR Director, CORA USA

The ideal time tracking eco-system

From secure punch to payroll, no hardware required

At the most basic level, tracking time is knowing who is working, where they are working, on what are they working, and for how long are they working--automatically and accurately. The only way to ensure this is to eliminate the employees’ ability to self-report time by automating the process.

Who is working?

Fotopunch uses biometric and device identification technology to automatically determine the identity of an individual. This eliminates any risk of fraud through buddy punching or ghost employees. The great thing is they don't need expensive hardware, just their own phone.

Where are they working?

Utilizing GPS tracking technology, IP address geolocation technology, and fixed-mount devices, you'll always know that your employees are where they should be when starting or stopping work.

What are they working on?

Through all of FotoPunch's available data collection technology, the employee is given an easy and convenient way to declare the job and task being performed at the time of the punch. This provides you detailed job-costing information. Job and task transfers are a breeze, taking no longer than a few seconds. What does this mean to you as an employer or manager? You should have no reservations asking your employees to track this critical job-costing data.

How long are they working?

By making the automation of punching simple and convenient, your employee will always be able to punch in and out utilizing one of our many automated punch methods. Of course, this eliminates the guess work surrounding manual time entry. Always know exactly how long your employees are working--no more estimation!

Why a photo?

Our name says it all, FotoPunch. We believe the in the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words". There are numerous benefits of requiring an image of the employee when punching in or out. That said, using a photo is optional when using FotoPunch. However, an image of an employee gives you as the employer unparalleled visibility into who, where, and when an employee works. You can even see what they look like and ensure they are complying with dress standards! Even without computer-aided location and biometrics, utilizing an employee punch picture brings an audit ability that exists with no other biometric modality. Have a question about a punch that happened the other day or even years ago? Easy, simply pull up the picture and take a look for yourself.

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Why FotoPunch?


Time tracking devices have been around for decades. Software to calculate punches, timecards, and overtime isn't new. Some of the biggest software companies in the world are in the payroll and time tracking industry. That’s the problem. There has been little urgency by the established software vendors to be creative, innovate, or provide up-to-date solutions to the modern business, particularly the small business.

Of course, until now.


At FotoPunch, we believe time tracking technology must be very easy to use by your employees. Other systems can be so cumbersome, strict in nature, and/or inconvenient, it can make life very unpleasant for your employees. If their life is painful, chances are your life will be painful. If your life is painful, you'll be dreaming of the days you tracked time with a spreadsheet or pencil and paper. In contrast, FotoPunch offers the easiest to use SmartPhone, FlipPhone via SMS, Voice, and wall mounted time collection solution in the industry. No bar codes, badges, or complex training required. No need to enroll a user more than once across multiple devices. Once your employees are setup in our system, they simply punch the way you want them to punch from any method you and they prefer. If they are using our AirClock wall panel or Smart phone applications, you enjoy the full protection of facial recognition biometrics without the hassle of false reads so common with other biometric readers.


We believe the best way for you to be confident in your punch data is to require your employees to punch using biometric verification. By requiring them to take a "selfie", or a picture of themselves, there isn't a burdensome amount of extra time it will take them. However, this convenient data format allows FotoPunch Plus to conduct full facial recognition biometrics utilizing cutting-edge verification algorithms that actually learn over time. If the employee tries to cheat the system by buddy punching, you get an email alert showing you the last several successful images of that employee, along with the offending punch image for your comparison. If a supervisor tries to enroll a ghost employee, the system detects the duplicate. Of course, all images are available for review through FotoPunch Plus. An image is the only human auditable biometric format, giving you the peace of mind knowing you can always check for yourself.

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